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Advanced Security
99.99% Uptime
Unlimited Scaling

Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions

We unleash the potential of technology with simple, safe and innovative solutions


We exist to drives outcomes for you



We tackle challenges alongside you, with a rational approach to finding the best solutions for your digital architectures.



Through a deep understanding of digital architectures and data management, we support our clients by providing customized solutions.



Our professionals continuously update knowledge and skills to provide you with the most advanced technological solutions.

Swiss quality in the world

The success of the solutions offered by Netability have led us to reach new markets.

Your CyberGuard

Corporate IT security consultancy

With our Automatic Continuous Penetration Test and End-Point Protection services, we support companies in defining the best strategies for assessing risks related to cyber security.


The companies we work with to optimise our services.

About Netability

Our Vision. Protecting corporate information systems is a process we approach with trust, reliability, and an innovative vision.

Netability, the choice for IT security. We have transformed our passion for technology into the greatest means of offering limitless security to our customers.

Promise. With a rational approach and a constant focus on the most innovative solutions, we help our customers simplify and improve their digital infrastructure and architecture.

Neta-way. We build relationships with our customers based on trust and collaboration, offering the best solutions to help them meet the challenges of today, and make a difference tomorrow.

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